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South East Drainage
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South East Drainage

Non-intrusive Drain Repairs and surveys

When purchasing a new property or re-developing land that has an existing sewer in place, it is essential to decide at an early stage on a survey to investigate the condition of the sewer and sewer connections.

This could save you the cost of installing a new connection at a later date.

If you experience leaks within your existing property, it is important that that you get these repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home – which can escalate to serious issues such as subsidence.

CCTV drain camera

SE drainage offer a CCTV investigation and repair service which will cover the following:

  • Assess existing connection.
  • Pipe survey leading to Non-intrusive Pipe lining along with traditional open cut methods of repair.
  • Manhole condition inspections.
  • A full computer-generated report is then prepared using WRc and insurance standards. We will detail any faults within the system and recommendations and estimates are produced for any corrective work required.