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South East Drainage
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South East Drainage

Highly Effective and Affordable Soakaways Installed Across Orpington

Working for homeowners and building contractors across Orpington, Kent and London, we utilise the most reliable and effective soakaways to dramatically improve water drainage to waterlogged soil; and at the same time, remove surface water and the damage that brings to building foundations.

Essentially holes in the ground that create a void for surface water to flow into, soakaways encourage the water dispersal back into the soil and the water table.

Ideal for low lying properties across Orpington, Kent and London that suffer from minor flooding or waterlogged earth after heavy rainfall, our affordable and high quality soakaways are also able to be utilised in and around all kinds of domestic and commercial properties to generally improve the drainage in a specific location. 

A Soakaway Installation in Orpington

At South East Drainage, we specialise in providing a comprehensive soakaway installation service to clients across Kent, Orpington and London, with our installers and engineers working on a wide variety of projects, from private domestic dwellings to large building development sites. Our comprehensive range of soakaway services includes:

  • Full site survey and consultation
  • Soakaway design specific to your property
  • All paperwork and works to building regulations
  • Provision of all plant and machinery
  • Professional excavations
  • Expert installation of soakaways
  • Filling in and making good of paths, drives and roadways

Requiring well planned and careful design, based on the regularity and amount of surface water, dispersal time requirements, available space and building regulations standards, we look closely at the details of worst-case rainfall history and soil filtration to ensure that your soakaway has the capacity to perfectly fit to your Orpington site.

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Our fully qualified and highly skilled engineers come with decades of expertise and experience in water management and ensure work of the highest quality standards with an extensive customer service experience to commercial and domestic clients across Kent, London and Orpington.

To learn more about soakaways and how one could help you meet your legal requirement to manage surface water around your Orpington property, contact us today and speak to one of our experienced team.